Frederick Vaughn Named January Firefighter of the Month

Firefighter of the Month






The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department is proud to announce Frederick Josh Vaughn as the Firefighter of the Month for January 2020.  Fire Service Driver Frederick J. Vaughn began his career with Mobile Fire-Rescue in January 2000 and was promoted to the rank of Fire Service Driver in August 2007. Vaughn is currently assigned to Engine 11 at the Willett Fire Station on South Broad Street.


On Sunday, January 5, 2020, while off duty, Driver Vaughn came upon a motor vehicle accident involving an injured motorcyclist lying in the roadway. Driver Vaughn intervened, physically stabilizing and immobilizing the injured patient’s cervical spine.


Vaughn contacted emergency dispatch, requesting aid and effectively conveying the patient’s condition to Communications personnel while waiting for emergency response to arrive. After the arrival of emergency units and stabilization of patient, Driver Vaughn assisted crews, continuing to provide pre-hospital care until the patient was successfully loaded into the ambulance.


Driver Vaughn’s actions show his dedication to service and duty to act, even while off duty. Words and awards cannot adequately represent the appreciation of the City of Mobile or the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department.