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MFRD Celebrates National Public Safety Telecommunicators Weeks

Apr 13th, 2020


MOBILE, Ala. - The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department and public safety departments around the nation proudly celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week (April 12-18, 2020). Public Safety Dispatchers and Communications Officers are the vital link between the community and law enforcement, fire, and medical agencies. These hard-working women and men are often the unsung, unseen heroes of emergency response, serving as the "first" first responders.

These "voices in the dark" are true front-line responders, answering thousands of calls, investigating the situation, calming often irate, stressed, anxious, or frantic citizens, gathering vital information for responders, and ensuring the proper help gets dispatched to the scene as quickly as possible.

Communicators are highly-trained in several programs, radio protocols, policies and procedures, and more. Despite often going unnoticed, public safety telecommunicators sacrifice much in their personal lives - weekends, holidays, family gatherings, events with children, and more - ensuring that the radios, phones, and emergency lines are staffed 24/7. 

Fire Chief Mark Sealy declares, "These men and women often do not get the thanks that they deserve.  They are the vital first step in our process of saving lives.  They constantly deal with stressful calls and often stressed firefighters! To all of our telecommunicators, thank you for what you do.  You are a vital part of OUR Fire Rescue Department."