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Firefighter of the Month

Michael Todd Allman Named Firefighter of the Month for April

May 17th, 2024

Michael Todd AllmanThe Mobile Fire-Rescue Department proudly recognizes Fire Service Driver Michael Todd Allman as the Firefighter of the Month for April 2024. Allman joined the department in 1994 and currently serves as a Driver on Engine 3.

While out on a family boat trip with his grandbaby recently, Allman assisted others with helping a man who had been injured in the water at Gravine Island. Initially, the man was not breathing and was blue, and had a suspected spinal injury.

Allman called 911 and explained the situation. He told the dispatcher about his years of experience as a Mobile firefighter and requested a medical helicopter to respond, knowing that a response by boat and ambulance would take an extended amount of time.

“You have the training to help someone, but you don’t have the tools,” he said. Even without the regular tools of being with his regular crew on a fire engine, though, he was part of a group effort of several people on scene who all contributed to a positive outcome.

They stabilized the man’s cervical spine and took care of him until the medical helicopter arrived and took over care. The crew transported him to a hospital for treatment.

“I honestly feel like, through a valiant effort of everybody, we saved this guy’s life.”