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Firefighter of the Month

Zachary Cranford Named Firefighter of the Month for March

Apr 16th, 2024

Zachary CranfordThe Mobile Fire-Rescue Department proudly recognizes Firefighter Zachary A. Cranford as the Firefighter of the Month for March 2024. Cranford joined the department in 2019 and became a licensed paramedic in 2022. He currently serves as a Fire Medic on Rescue 26 at the Public Safety Complex and is qualified as a relief driver.

Last month, while returning home from an evening dinner out with his wife and infant, Cranford came across a motor vehicle collision that had just happened with a patient in cardiac arrest. Cranford sprang into action and rendered first aid by initiating CPR until an ambulance arrived.

Cranford was also tapped for his skills in the classroom after he completed his paramedic training. Cranford helps students by acting as a preceptor at the University of South Alabama, assisting with teaching of Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic labs. He has also recently started teaching CPR in the community.

At the station, Cranford stresses the importance of good relationships with coworkers. He credits those bonds as something that helps with teamwork when it comes to the stressful situations that occur on emergency calls. “Some people know what you need before you even ask,” he said.

His District Chief Ben McKenna said he’s also willing to help teaching others on the department whenever he can. “Anything we need done, he’s always willing to do that,” McKenna said.