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AARP Fit Lot Fitness Park

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable place to work out, Mobile Parks and Recreation has a free option that is available 24/7. Instead of expensive gym with limited hours, why not try the Fit Lot? AARP has installed these all across the U.S. and we have the only one in Alabama!

Jul 10th, 2024

Our AARP Fit Lot Fitness Park is a structure located on the north side of James Seals Community Center, at Augusta and S. Lawrence Streets. It consists of an outdoor structure with six stations and adaptable fitness equipment. Installed in an open, lush green area, it has a soft rubberized fall surface, and a large shade structure with its own parking area.

Fit Lot workouts focus on core, lower body, stretches, chest, back, shoulders, and arms. A dozen stations include a rugged elliptical machine, hand cycler, several pull-up bars, parallel bars for knee raises, as well as stations for ab crunches, leg lifts, chest and back presses, polymetrics, stretching with resistance bands, a mechanical cardio stepper, and sturdy board marked in inches for jump touches.

If you aren’t sure how any station works, simply point your smart phone camera at one of the convenient QR codes at each station to watch a demo video on your smart phone. What could be simpler? Now get out there and start working out!

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