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Jan 24th, 2023

FIT M.O.B. - MOBILE (Ages 13 & Up)

Sweat more, pay less! Fit Mobile is a fitness movement outside of the traditional gym setting. With a “less is more” mentality, Fit M.O.B. hosts strength, cardio, and yoga workouts requiring minimal equipment for people of all fitness levels. Catch up with the Fit M.O.B. tour dates around the city!

Tour Dates:

Jan. 9th | 6-7pm  | Spring Hill Recreation Center

Jan. 12th |  9-10am | Medal of Honor Park

Jan. 21st |  9-10am | Figures Community Center

Jan. 28th |  9-10am | Mardi Gras Park

Feb.1st |  6-7pm | Harmon –Thomas Center

Feb.15th | 6-7pm | Langan Park

March 4th | 9-10am |  Hillsdale Community Center

March 18th |  9-10am | Lake Drive Tricentennial Park

March 29th |  6-7pm | Seals Community Center

April 1st |  9-10am | Cooper Riverside Park

April 12th |  9-10am | Spring Hill Recreation Center

April 15th | 9-10am | Rickarby Park

April 19th |  9-10am | Lavretta Park

April 29th |  9-10am | Sullivan Community Center

May 6th |  9-10am |  Dotch Community Center

May 13th |  9-10am | Mardi Gras Park

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