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#MPRDKids Summer Camps

Apr 3rd, 2023


Camp Sessions: Mon-Fri 6/5-8/4

Sign up weekly: First come, first served 

Camp Weekly Fee: 7:30am-4:30pm, $25/per Camper 

Post-Camp Care: 4:30pm-6:30pm, $5/day or $20/week 

Locations: Dotch, Hillsdale, Seals and Hope Community Centers 


Structured Camps include: 


Arts and Culture 


Weekly Themes and Projects: Campers will become pop stars by writing and performing their own Music, learning about storytelling and character-building while becoming an author of their own Book, and campers will travel the world getting their passports stamped after visiting and learning about Artists from all over! Children will love to explore creativity and the environment this summer! Learn more about Mobile arts and culture while enjoying activities to help enrich the mind and body. Weekly Field Trips will include Swimming, Theater Plays, Paint Party Trip, Symphony and Dance Shows! 


Sports and Fitness 


Weekly Themes and Projects: Campers will learn about food ingredients and healthy habits in order to write and prepare their own Kid-Approved Cookbook, they will work together to build their own Sports Team and create new games with their own Rules, and campers will compete in tournaments to show off sportsmanship in their own #MPRDKids Olympics-style Showdown! Campers who like to be active can choose from a variety of activities and sports that add diversity to their exercise routine, while having fun at the same time! Weekly Field Trips will include Swimming, Bowling, Skating, and an #MPRDKids Cup Exclusive Event! 


Educational and STEM 


Weekly Themes and Projects: Campers will learn to code their own games and become game masters through new tech skills, and they will become a mad scientist by competing in their own science fair, complete with exploding volcanos! We will be sharing the wonder of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) this summer with an interactive camp environment that will encourage campers to explore, build and create. Weekly Field Trips will include Swimming, Aquarium Exploration, and a Discovery Museum Trip! 


Register Your Camper for the Weeks and Locations that work for You! 


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