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About Us

City of Mobile Public Works Department

The Department of Public Works consists of approximately 675 teammates and is responsible for providing all public services and maintenance for the City of Mobile.  Consisting of seven major departments including Public Services, Engineering, Real Estate and Asset Management, Parks and Recreation, Build Mobile, Programs and Project Management, and the Office of Resiliency over twenty subordinate departments, Public Works conducts planning, design, construction and project management of all new infrastructure while conducting major rehabilitation to existing infrastructure and facilities.


"The City of Mobile Public Works Directorate will strive to maintain, improve, and preserve Mobile's infrastructure, services, and environment for the residents, businesses, visitors, and future generations of every neighborhood in our city."



To become the best and most dependable public entity in the City of Mobile.



Safety, Professionalism, Open Communication, Respect, Teamwork, Service (SPORTS)



We work to protect our employees and communities form injuries and hazardous conditions. No job is so urgent or important that it be performed in an unsafe manner. Always think Safety First!


We are professionals in all that we do. We are expected to be competent in our skills and craft. How we look, how we act, how we communicate are all done in a professional manner. Honesty, integrity, and accountability are hallmarks of a professional.

Open Communications

We will communicate with each other and those we serve in an open, clear, and transparent manner. Open lines of communication are a key to successfully achieving our mission and vision.


We treat each other and those we meet with respect, fairness and understanding. Treat others as you would want to be treated. We are inclusive of all people regardless of the diversity of their background or perspectives. We educate our workforce to be aware of cultural or other biases to strengthen our competency as a single team.


We are one team. We work together to achieve our mission, goals, and objectives in the most efficient way. We always support each other regardless of title, position, or job description. We cannot accomplish our mission alone and must rely on the team.


We have chosen to serve the citizens of our City. This is a higher calling which often entails certain sacrifices. The reward for service is not always in the amount we are paid, rather in the pride and satisfaction of knowing we helped others and made our City a better place now and for the future.