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Resilient Mobile


To ensure our community is prepared to meet any future challenges, Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s administration has tapped the Water Institute of the Gulf and a team of local partners to develop a Resilience Assessment and Plan for the City of Mobile. 

After gathering the necessary information, the Water Institute and its team will assess where we are as a City on policies, programs, and priorities and then, with data in hand, develop a Resilience Plan specifically for Mobile. It will provide valuable localized data on potential future stressors and shocks that could impact Mobile, as well as timelines, projects, and funding strategies that will give City leaders a roadmap as we work to become a more resilient community. Together, the Resilience Assessment and Plan will help Mobile be prepared for, able to rebound quickly from the impacts of things like climate change, hurricanes, sea-level rise, and varying social and economic conditions and thrive well into the future. 

Check back often for updates and ways to get involved!



Resilience Plan

Coming Soon

Resilience Assessment

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