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Office of Resilience


Chief Resilience Officer: Casi Callaway
(251) 208-1676

The Office of Resilience is responsible for imbedding resilience into the City of Mobile on priority focus areas including the environment, community, economy, and infrastructure. Working collaboratively within and across multiple people, civic, and business sectors, we strengthen the City of Mobile’s ability to address the systemic stresses and challenges our citizens face, as well as enhance our ability to prepare for and rebound from the big events-hurricanes or other disasters. 

We are researching to better understand the gaps and strengths in our ability to address resilience across the city on topics including Litter, Sustainability, Flooding, and Stormwater/infrastructure projects. Current projects led by the Office of Resilience include the following: development of a Resilience Assessment and Plan; Electric Vehicle Plan Development; Energy Efficiency Plan; National Flood Insurance Community Rating System; Emergency Response Plan development; Litter-Free Mobile Campaign; Recycling expansion.

The City of Mobile is working to create solutions, projects, policies, and programs for our local community that are integrated, inclusive, risk-aware, and forward-looking.

Resilience is the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems within a city to survive, adapt, and thrive no matter what kinds of acute shocks (a sudden, extreme event that threatens a community) or chronic stressors (long-term pressures that weaken the fabric of a community over time) they experience.

Working collaboratively within and across the community, the Office of Resilience works to ensure all members of our community are poised to thrive in the face of increasing challenges and changes in our environment, climate, and economy. We are working to create solutions in a place-based, integrated, inclusive, risk-aware, and forward-looking manner.