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Urban Forestry Rules and Regulations

City of Mobile Municipal Code
Chapter 65: Tree Protection and Management

Chapter 65 of the City of Mobile Municipal Code provides uniform standards in the removal and
replacement of trees on public and private property within the corporate limits of the city in accordance
with both municipal and state laws. Sections include:

Sec. 65-1. - General purposes and application
Sec. 65-2. - Definitions
Sec. 65-3. - Urban forestry
Sec. 65-4. - Mobile Tree Commission
Sec. 65-5. - Tree trails
Sec. 65-6. - Tree trimming or tree removal from private property
Sec. 65-7. - Trimming or removal of public trees
Sec. 65-8. - Tree protection
Sec. 65-9. - Tree trimming/removal companies
Sec. 65-10. - Tree abuse
Sec. 65-11. - Enforcement

Alabama State Code
Title 11, Chapter 72

Commonly referred to as the “Mobile Tree Act,” this section of the Alabama State Code outlines the
powers and duties of the Tree Commission for Class 2 municipalities such as Mobile. The most recent
version - last updated in 2015 - can be found here.