Nineteen MFRD Firefighters Improve Department as New Paramedics

The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department celebrates the addition of 19 new paramedic firefighters to its ranks. Nineteen Mobile firefighters embarked on a more than year-long journey in an intensive educational and skill-based emergency medical paramedic program.


The full-time program, instituted by Coastal Alabama Community College (CACC), allowed students to enhance their understanding and obtain new skills as emergency pre-hospital care providers.


The new paramedic firefighters spent more than a year obtaining the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to provide basic and advanced life-saving medical interventions. CACC’s program pushed the EMS students through months of rigorous classroom lectures, online assessments, hands-on labs and proctored stations, simulating practical application of skills, along with clinical rotations and ambulance ride outs for real-time, in-the-field experience.


With the support of the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department administration, paramedic students were allowed the opportunities to study, train, and gain vital experience while continuing their regular firefighter duties. On Friday, December 17th, Coastal Alabama Community held a graduation ceremony for the 19 paramedic candidates:


Adam Beeson

Derrick Butler

Ross Butler

Dakota Chancery

Bradley Clark

Deounte Coleman

James Haymer

Lauren Hunt

Chase Ludlam

Zachary McKinnon

Steven Millhouse

John Mullen

Krysten Richard

Michael Stallworth

James Thompson

Caleb Watson

Montana Wilkins

Christian Williams

Jianna Williams


Fire Chief Jeremy Lami commended, “We couldn’t be any more proud of their tremendous accomplishment. These firefighters made the commitment to improve themselves, which will in-turn help to improve our Department for the betterment of our communities. Ultimately, that’s why we’re here – for the protection and betterment of our city. These new paramedics are going to move us forward in providing quality care and service for the citizens of Mobile.”


The group marks the largest, single class of Mobile Fire-Rescue Department personnel to complete paramedic program in 25 years.


Following receipt of national and state certifications and licenses, the paramedics will receive their new field assignments to continue providing quality care for the citizens of Mobile.