Steven Pledger Named January Firefighter of the Month

Firefighter of the Month



Firefighter Steven Pledger began his career in the fire service in 2011 in the City of Prichard. After transitioning to the City of Mobile in 2015, Firefighter Pledger quickly established himself as a high-level asset for the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department. In 2017, Firefighter Pledger was recognized as the Firefighter of the Year. This distinction carried significant weight, as he was nominated by his peers and ultimately, voted as FFOY by the entire Department.


Pledger is currently assigned to Station 14 in the Toulminville community, where he regularly trains to improve as a firefighter and works diligently as a relief driver, developing for a new role and increased capacity for Mobile Fire-Rescue. Firefighter Pledger proactively pursues challenges on the Department to increase his skills, availability, and usefulness to his crew and ultimately, Mobile itself. He sets and achieves goals to improve himself as a firefighter, improve his Department as a mentor, and improve the Mobile community as a volunteer and aid.


As a testament to Pledger’s selflessness and commitment to service, the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department received a written letter from a Hilarie Lett, pediatric, medical social worker at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, documenting a series involving Firefighter Pledger, his crew, and a terminally ill child. This young boy was high in energy and high in spirit, despite a terminal illness. He wished, more than anything, he wished to be a hero “to keep Mobile safe.”


After rapid disease progression, the patient, who loved all things fire fighters and superheroes, was kept in the hospital for several months. Rather than abandon his dream of becoming a hero, he simply altered his goal – from “keeping Mobile safe” to “keeping the hospital safe.”


In September 2020, Firefighter Pledger was contacted by the patient’s medical, social worker, requesting an opportunity for the child to see the fire truck drive by.


Serving as coordinator and liaison between the hospital, MFRD, and his crew, Pledger ensured that not only would the young hero simply get to see the truck, but he would also have a smile on his face, pride in his heroic heart, and memories to carry him to the other side. Pledger and crew spent the day with him, protecting the halls of USACW, its patients, doctors, nurses, and staff.


“Firefighter Pledger exceeded my expectations and dedicated himself to making this visit one that the patient would never forget,” praised Lett. “The patient raved about the visit until his last days. It meant the world to myself, the patient, and his family … genuine acts of kindness like those provided by Firefighter Pledger and Station 14’s crew is a major part of what keeps me going to show up every day for my patients and their families.”


As such, Fire Chief Lami and the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department proudly recognize Firefighter Steven Pledger as the January 2021 Firefighter of the Month.


This award not only represents what Firefighter Pledger has accomplished, but it also represents who he is. Firefighter Pledger is a servant who is committed to the safety of our community.  Words and awards cannot adequately represent the appreciation of the City of Mobile or the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department.