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MFRD Issues Meritorious Service Awards for New Year's Eve Response

Mar 22nd, 2023

On December 31st, 2022, a night meant for reflection on one year coming to an end and excited hope as we prepared to launch into a new year - gunfire rang out in downtown Mobile, interrupting New Year's Eve celebrations for thousands. MFRD Special Events teams were notified that there was an active shooter on Dauphin Street, just feet away from where several crews were positioned. Reports received were that several people were shot, making the scene a Mass Casualty Incident unlike anything the City of Mobile had ever seen before. While hundreds of frightened civilians scattered, fleeing for safety, responders with MFRD, and Newman's Ambulance Service, MPD rushed into the scene. In the middle of a high-stress incident, the situation was quickly secured because of these men and women's quick actions, knowledge, and bravery. Paramedics, firefighters, and officers located 10 victims suffering from gunshot wounds and several others with injuries from being trampled, all suffering from varying degrees of injury. Patients were immediatelly accessed, triaged, assessed, treated where necessary, and transported to emergency departments at area hospitals. Although the evening was still tragic for many, an even larger catastrophe was  prevented as a result of the quick action, knowledge, and heroism of all responders. This immediate intervention saved lives, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who assisted on the scene that night.  During  the March 24, 2023 City Council meeting, the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department recognized the responders who responded to the shooting that occurred in downtown Mobile on New Year's Eve. This terrible event left one person dead and several others injured, but the response from our personnel and Mobile Police Department officers was truly remarkable. 

MFRD proudly presented a Meritorious Service Award to each of them for outstanding operations at an emergency scene. Nine of the first responders were on hand to accept the award.


District Chief Brandon Jackson 

Captain Charles Biggs 

Captain Robert Brown 

Captain Ed English 

Captain Charles Hines 

Captain Steven McEvoy 

Paramedic Driver Brent Becker 

Paramedic Driver Medic Lewis Butterworth 

Paramedic Driver Codey Faircloth 

Driver Jeffrey Haller 

Paramedic Driver Sean Hylton 

Paramedic Driver Sean Maurin (not pictured)

Paramedic Driver James May (not pictured)

Driver Andrew Morgan

Driver Josh Mosner

Driver Ronald Turner

Driver Nickolas Wilkinson (not pictured)

Paramedic Firefighter Rosston Butler

Firefighter Matthew Carrera 

Paramedic Firefighter Zachary Cranford 

Firefighter Cale Cunconan

Firefighter Melrenso Ford

Paramedic Firefighter Christopher Glisson 

Paramedic Firefighter Joshua Mayo (not pictured)

Firefighter Ryan Pitt 

Firefighter Ann Williams

Firefighter Donald Williams

Paramedic Firefighter Jianna Williams

Firefighter Midarius Witherspoon

Dr. Lynn Dyess (Assistant Medical Director)

Chris Lee (Civilian, special event bike team)

EMT Joshua Webb (Newman's Ambulance - Civilian)