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Firefighters Presented with Meritorious Service Award for Outstanding Operation on Fire Scene

Feb 13th, 2023

On November 1, 2022, Engine 3, Engine 8, Engine 9, Engine 14, Truck 4, Rescue 14, District 1, and District 3 were dispatched to a residential fire in the 200 block of Rylands Street.

Engine 3 was the first-arriving company on scene and discovered a single family dwelling with smoke visible from the rear of the residence.

Captain Anthony Rowett (EB03) forced the front door of the home while Firefighters Jonathan Wesley and Jacob Lattie stretched a hoseline from Engine 3 to the front door.

Heavy smoke conditions were present inside the residence, and the crew immediately heard screaming coming from inside the building.

Engine 8 was approaching the front porch to assist. Engine 3’s crew (Rowett, Wesley, Lattie) entered the residence and initiated a search, as 8’s crew followed with charged hoseline in tow.

Firefighter Lattie located a non-verbal, non-ambulatory victim in a wheel chair in a bedroom. Captain Rowett ordered Firefighter Wesley to enter the bedroom and assist Firefighter Lattie in removing the victim from the residence. Firefighters Wesley and Lattie carried the victim as Captain Rowett guided the route out of the residence.

Captain Rowett, Firefighter Wesley, and Firefighter Lattie safely removed the victim from the residence to the front yard, where paramedics from Rescue 14 initiated a rapid assessment and treated the victim for smoke inhalation.

Firefighters Wesley and Lattie, then, stretched a second hoseline and re-entered the home with Captain Rowett to assist Engine 8 with fire suppression efforts.

While all members who operated on the scene are worthy of recognition, Engine 3’s extraordinary performance was paramount in saving the life of a trapped victim and the successful extinguishment of the residential fire.

As such, the MFRD proudly presents Captain Anthony Rowett, Firefighter Jonathan Wesley, and Firefighter Jacob Lattie with the MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARD!