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Firefighter of the Month

Buck Hicks Named June Firefighter of the Month

Aug 1st, 2023

Buck Hicks

The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department proudly announces Firefighter Buck D. Hicks as the June 2023 Firefighter of the Month. Firefighter Hicks began his fire service career in December 2011. He is currently assigned to Engine 20 on 3rd shift. 

Firefighter Hicks consistently demonstrates exceptional dedication, skill, and commitment to his duties as a firefighter. His contributions in and around the Mobile community are nothing short of phenomenal. 

Firefighter Buck Hicks plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of the public. Firefighter Hicks regularly volunteers time to canvas area neighborhoods, performing wellness checks on our senior residents and safety checks in homes with residents that require special assistance. He helps raise awareness on the importance of safeguarding our communities and doing just a little bit extra to help our neighbors where we can. 

Firefighter Hicks displays exceptional performance on the job, boosting morale and motivation around the stations and on-scene. He consistently projects hard work and dedication, which inspire other firefighters to strive for excellence, as well. Firefighter Hicks promotes the values of bravery, dedication, and professionalism on the Department and within the community. He has made himself a well-known figure and signature of safety and selflessness in the Mobile area by promoting service over self.