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Firefighter of the Month

Jason Bark Named August Firefighter of the Month

Sep 19th, 2023

Firefighter Jason Bark in front of American flag

The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department proudly recognizes Firefighter Jason Bark as the Firefighter of the Month for August 2023. Firefighter Bark was hired November 2018 and serves on Engine 16 at Lathan Station.

He epitomizes courage and exemplifies compassion for humanity. In his five years of service, Firefighter Bark has shown great character and leadership at emergency scenes. He has proven to be reliable and skillful and has worked well under pressure at all types of incidents.
As a relief driver, Bark has stepped up whenever needed. In addition, he has worked through scenarios in pre-planning. “He’s got tactical sense and he knows what to do in a scenario,” said Captain Jeff Eberlein, his supervising officer.

“He’s got good clinical thinking. He’s able to evaluate a patient and be able to think beyond the regular EMT basic. He seems to care a lot about patients,” Eberlein added.

Firefighter Bark has also developed his skills at teaching newer firefighters, setting a good example and providing a nurturing environment for future firefighters that puts them at ease.

In addition to his service for Mobile Fire-Rescue, Firefighter Bark has served in the Marines for 11 years, where he has garnered many awards.

From Firefighter Bark’s efforts, this department is a better place to work. His positive attitude and dedication are models for his coworkers.  Bark has been unwavering when it comes to making the hard decisions and lending a helping hand.