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Derrick Butler, Sr Receives Life Saving Award

Sep 27th, 2022

The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department proudly presents Derrick Butler, Sr. with the Life Saving Award.

On June 22nd, Engine 12 was dispatched for a call on the Interstate-65 overpass at Dauphin St. Upon arrival, the crew discovered a visibly distraught, suicidal, female patient standing on the edge of the overpass, threatening to jump.

Slowly easing their way toward the patient, Engine12’s crew (Capt. Matt Corley, FSD Derrick Butler, and FF Antony Gates) attempted to calm the patient and talk away from the ledge.

Driver Butler was able to get close enough to the patient to grab her and pull her to safety before she was able to jump.

“She was right there, and I was close enough. It was really just a reaction. My body moved before I could even think of WHAT to do,” proclaimed Butler.

The patient was secured away from the overpass and transported to a local hospital for evaluation and care. Thanks to the efforts of Derrick Butler, a Mobile citizen has an opportunity to be given adequate help and a new chance to change her life