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Firefighter of the Month

Tony Sessions Named August Firefighter of the Month

Sep 20th, 2022


The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department proudly announces Fire Service Driver Tony M. Sessions as the August 2022 Firefighter of the Month. Driver Sessions began his career with MFRD in October of 1995, later promoting to the rank of Driver in February of 2001. Sessions currently performs duties of an Inspector with the Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Division.  

Inspector Sessions has been a great asset to the division, Department, and the City of Mobile. For several years, he has consistently provided great service for the public from behind the scenes, not only in the area of inspections and building code enforcement, but also in educating the public in safety and working with local and regional fire protection contractors. Although Inspector Sessions is responsible for one of the most active inspection districts in the City, he has taken on the task of fireworks permitting for entertainment events within the City of Mobile, such as displays for Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve, and Fourth of July celebrations as well as local sporting events. 

Inspector Sessions maintains positive, working relationships and coordinates with event organizers, the Mobile Police Department, the Alabama Fire Marshal’s Office, and the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms to ensure the continued safety of Mobile citizens.  

The Community Risk Reduction office often receives inquiries from companies, locally and nationally, for information on properties regarding Fire Department related responses, such as fires, hazardous material incidents, and fire and building code violations. Inspector Sessions has made revisions and updates to CRR’s processes and reporting, allowing for ease of access and research, streamlined data transfer, and quicker response in providing the requested information in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.  

As a member of the United States Navy, his military training shines through in his discipline, commitment, and diligence while performing his duties as a Fire Inspector. He projects professionalism, serving as a model example for others to follow. Inspector Tony Sessions continuously strives to improve the success and meet the goals of the Community Risk Reduction office, the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department, and the City of Mobile.