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Report Littering from a Vehicle

Keep Mobile Beautiful, in partnership with AT&T wireless, offers area residents the opportunity to report drivers or passengers who litter from a vehicle.


Mobile's Litter Ordinance, 25-054, prohibits deliberate littering or allowing litter to blow from the back of trucks. Litter may include but is not limited to - paper, plastic, diapers, cigarette butts, bottles, cans glass, fast food wrappers, disposable packages or plastic bags.

To report littering using AT &T wireless dial #KMB or #562.
Others may call 208-6025.

Please leave the following on the voice mail:

  • - Vehicle tag number
  • - Brief description or model of vehicle
  • - Litter came from driver, passenger or the back of a truck
  • - Location/intersection
  • - What was tossed

Keep Mobile Beautiful will retrieve the information and forward it to the Mobile Police Department. They will send a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle informing them that they had broken the law and that, if an officer had witnessed the act, a ticket for $432 (fine and court costs) could have been issued.

Help Keep Mobile Beautiful. Report a Litterbug today.