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Neighborhood Development

Neighborhood Development
205 Government Street

Mobile,AL 36602

Main Contact 251-208-6290

Fax 251-208-6296

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The City of Mobile's Neighborhood Development Department administers grant funds received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to assist low and moderate-income households and communities.  Neighborhood Development consists of the following divisions which collectively work together toward our mission to preserve and stabilize the physical, social, and economic health of City of Mobile neighborhoods:

  • Community and Housing Development: administers grant funds received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to assist low and moderate-income households and communities throughout the City of Mobile.  CHD grant funding is utilized to address needs in areas such as housing rehabilitation, public services, microenterprise programs, code enforcement, economic development, demolition, homeless prevention, and first-time homebuyer programs.  For information related to Public Housing, including vouchers, please visit the Mobile Housing Authority at While the City coordinates with MHA, they are a separate entity. 
  • Municipal Enforcement: works in conjunction with Mobile 311 in order to ensure compliance with the City’s codes and ordinances relating to substandard housing, dilapidated building structures, high vegetation, junk vehicles, and various other hazardous violations.  Municipal Enforcement works with CHD programs to track and address blighted property. 
  • Office of Supplier Diversity: oversees certification, compliance, training, outreach and capacity building for the City of Mobile Equal Business Opportunity Programs.  OSD is dedicated to creating and implementing programs, policies and procedures that assist minorities, women, service-disabled veterans and small businesses with gaining greater access to procurement opportunities and resources to build competitively viable and sustainable businesses in and for the City of Mobile.
  • Levon C. Manzie Neighborhood Resource Center:  The Levon C. Manzie Neighborhood Resource Center was designed to increase collaboration and coordination between the City of Mobile and its nonprofit partners. It also provides community members with easier access to the resources and information these partners can provide. Currently, the Neighborhood Resource Center is being used by Aletheia House, a federally recognized Community Housing Development Organization, and Legal Services Alabama, which provides legal assistance to financially disadvantaged Alabamians. Additionally, this new City facility houses a second Small Business Center, where small businesses and start-ups can receive on-site assistance from our staff. Nonprofits and for-profit businesses working directly with service providers or the City of Mobile can also request to use meeting and classroom spaces in the Neighborhood Resource Center by completing the form here.

Community and Housing Development: 251-208-6294
Office of Supplier Diversity:  251-208-7967
Municipal Enforcement: 251- 208- 1528