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Request for Proposals: City of Mobile, Alabama Department of Community & Housing Development Volunteer Paint Program Administration

Mar 22nd, 2024

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Request for Proposals


The City of Mobile, Alabama, (the City), is soliciting proposals for administration of its volunteer
paint program that will be funded utilizing Community Development Block Grant funds provided
by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

For all federal funds, there are specific administrative duties that must be performed in order to
ensure that the City complies with all applicable federal rules and regulations. These rules and
regulations include both those published by the individual federal agencies, as well as those
standard grant administrative procedures applicable throughout the federal system of
intergovernmental assistance (including OMB management circulars and those codified at 2 CFR
200). In addition, compliance with the Codes of Alabama and the City of Mobile is required.

Scope of Services

The types of housing administrative services required will include the following:

1) Assistance in the recruitment and management of volunteer workers. This should include
any insurance requirements to facilitate the volunteer program.

2) Assistance ensuring that any work done that may disturb a lead painted surface is done in
a manner that meets the Lead Safe Work Practices.

3) Assistance ensuring that the hard cost on any dwelling does not go beyond $5,000 as
outlined within Subpart J of the Interpretive Guidance of HUD’s Lead Safe Housing Rule.

4) Assistance with intake of potential eligible households and the verification of program
requirements, both for HUD eligibility and City eligibility.

5) Other related housing administrative services as they may pertain to the volunteer
paint program.

Proposed Evaluation

All submitted proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

A) Cost to the City. Hourly rates are preferred to a lump sum price (under Federal Regulations, retainers may not be paid for services of various personnel). The only exception to this is if all other activities performed by the individual or entity submitting could be classified as housing administration under CDBG guidelines. If all other activities can be classified as such, an indirect cost allocation can be used as the basis to derive a rate of reimbursement based on hard costs expended. All indirect cost allocations must have prior approval by a federal agency to be eligible for use (Rate 1-10).

B) Demonstrated experience in the area(s) of interest. Experience should be thoroughly demonstrated in the proposal. Proposals should be as specific as possible regarding proposed staffing and should demonstrate adequate available staffing capacity sufficient to prioritize any work assignments received from the Senior Director of Neighborhood Development. The experience should outline whether or not the individual or entity is lead certified to the level required for similar activities. (Rate 1-20).

C) Specific work examples/references demonstrating required experience. (Rate 1-10).

D) Prior successful experience with CDBG, ESG, and/or HOME programs. (Rate 1-10).

E) Qualifications of firm and proposed staff. (Rate 1-10).

F) Maximum Points Available: 60

Method of Payments/Term of Agreements

Only specific hourly rates for various categories of personnel will be acceptable, unless meeting
the specific criteria outlined previously. If a lump sum proposal is chosen, payment will be after
satisfactory completion of the activity, as determined by the City. Retainers may not be paid in
accordance with Federal Regulations and any agreements awarded under this request for proposals
may be for a maximum period of up to three (3) years.

Payments will be made on a reimbursement basis, with payments based on invoices documenting
time, tasks, job title, hourly rates, and materials required for tasks performed under the terms of
any agreement awarded. Any timesheets submitted as documentation for invoices will require two
signatures, one of which should be the employee or contractor and the other should be a supervisor
or personnel involved in budgetary duties of the entity.

Content of Proposals

Proposals should be submitted to the Community & Housing Development Department in a format
of your selection. Proposals should address all concerns previously stated and should focus on the
documented capabilities of the firm/individual and delineate a detailed proposed hourly schedule
of fees for services or other acceptable format as previously described.

The proposal should include an Equal Employment Statement whereby the firm/individual states
that “In its employment practices and services rendered, it does not and shall not discriminate,
based on an individual's race, national origin, sex or religion.”

The proposal should also include these required documents and information for file setup purposes:
W-9, E-verify confirmation, Fiscal Year, Verification, Current Board of Directors, Personnel Policies and Procedures, Organizational Chart, Business License, and Financial Statement (non-profit only). Upon any agreement being awarded from this request the City will require it be listed on any liability or fidelity bond as required by agreement.

To be considered, proposals must be received in the office of the City's Community & Housing Development Department no later than Thursday, April 4, 2024, 4:00 p.m., and should be addressed as follows:

Via Hand Delivery:

Ms. Ginny Kirby, Programs Analyst
Community & Housing Development Department
205 Government Street
South Tower, Suite 508
Mobile, AL 36602


Ms. Ginny Kirby, Programs Analyst
Community & Housing Development Department
P.O. Box 1827
Mobile, AL 36633

The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received in response to this request for proposals.