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Neighborhood Development - Other Resources

Our Partners

**MLK Avenue Redevelopment Corporation**Partner
Address: 300 N. N Joachim St,
Mobile, AL 36603

**Restore Mobile**Partner
*P.O. Box 40037
Mobile, Alabama 36640
Our Offices
*204 Government St.
Mobile City Hall
Mobile, Al. 36602
2nd Floor - Mobile Historic Development Commission Office

**Toulminville-Crichton Redevelopment Committee**Partner
Contact Person: Herman Thomas
2200 Rue De Leflore dr
Mobile Alabama 36617

**Africatown Neighborhood Renewal **Partner
1959 Bay Bridge Cut off Road
Mobile, Alabama, 36610
(251) 518-1262

**The Peninsula Group** Partner
Contact Person: Debi Foster
4507 Park Road
Mobile, AL 36605

**Historic Mobile, LLC** Partner
Contact Person: Fred Rendfrey
P.O. Box 112
Mobile, Alabama, 36601

Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Fair Housing