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Municipal Enforcement

CALL 311 - Code Enforcement

The City of Mobile's Code Enforcement Division Insures Compliance with the City's Codes and Ordinances Relating to; But Not Limited to, the Following:

Residential Vehicle Parking & Storage

Dangerous Buildings

  • Collapsed Roof or Wall
  • Broken Windows

High Vegetation

  • Grass or Weeds above 10 inches

Minimum Housing Standards

  • Tarps on House
  • Siding Falling Off

Refuse and Waste

  • Litter in the Right-of-Way (Public Works)
  • Litter on Private Property (Municipal Enforcement)

Garbage Cans

  • Cans Placed OutToo Early or Not Put Up

Substandard Housing

Zoning Issues

  • Illegal Businesses
  • Unauthorized Home Businesses

Non-Permitted Housing Structures

  • Construction without a Visible Permit

Polluted or Unsecured Pools

  • Pools Without Fencing
  • Abandoned Unmaintained Pools

Junk Vehicles

  • Abandoned and/or Broken Down Vehicles

Obstructions of Streets & Sidewalks

  • Trees in Right-of-Way

David Daughenbaugh
Deputy Director, Municipal Enforcement