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YES 251

Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s administration launched the Y.E.S. (Youth Empowered for Success) Initiative in 2016 in response to a troubling trend of youth violence in the community. The goal was to connect teenagers and young adults in Mobile to available resources to assist with education, life and job skills training, employment opportunities and productive enrichment. Last month, the Y.E.S. Summer Internship Program celebrated its sixth graduating class of high school students. In the fall, a similar program has also helped college students find employment opportunities over the last several years. 

Since 2016, more than 4,000 young people in the Mobile area have been connected to paid internships with City Departments and local businesses through the Y.E.S. Initiative’s programs. Many of those have turned their Y.E.S. experience into extended internships and full-time employment opportunities.



Y.E.S. Employers

Calling all businesses and organizations. Are you interested in hosting an intern through our Y.E.S. Initiative? This program is geared towards teens and college students who are looking to gain workforce experience throughout the City of Mobile. Employer applications are now closed.

Y.E.S Programs

Y.E.S. Summer Jobs
The City of Mobile offers 100 positions across City Departments, Parks and Recreation and local organizations to employ youth ages 16-24 over the summer months (June and July).
Y.E.S. Fall Jobs
The City of Mobile offers local businesses the opportunity to partner to hire Juniors and Seniors in College. This is a talent retention program that aims to pair Young Professionals entering the workforce with business and industry partners in the area.
Summer Intern Applications are Now Open! Applications are open from February 20 to March 13, 2023. Click here to get started.