Mobile Government

Safety and Performance: Safety Manager

P.O. Box 1827
Mobile, AL 36633-1827

Fax: 251-208-7956

Main Contact: 251-208-7892

Contact: Gary Gamble -

The Safety Manager, under the direction of the Director, Organizational Development, coordinates and administers programs designed to protect people, property and the environment by:

* anticipating, identifying and evaluating hazardous conditions and practices
* developing hazard control designs, methods, procedures and programs
* implementing, administering and advising others on hazard controls and hazard control programs
* measuring, auditing and evaluating the effectiveness of hazard controls and hazard control programs


To conserve valuable taxpayer dollars by reducing accidents and injuries, and improving the safety and health environment for all City of Mobile employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Safety Manager Do?
    The Safety Manager is responsible for effectively implementing and enforcing the elements of the City's Safety Program, including safety inspections, accident investigations and the establishement of safety standards.

  • Does the City of Mobile fall under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules?
    No, OSHA has no authority over the City of Mobile. However, the City of Mobile has adopted OSHA standards and all City of Mobile workers are required by city policy to meet safety standards set by OSHA.

  • I have a safety question, who should I talk to?
    Start with your supervisor. Every supervisor is responsible for ensuring a safe work environment. If you are not satisfied or need more help, give the Safety Manager a call at 208-7892.

  • I was picked for drug testing last month and my name came up again this month, I feel like I am being targeted, what's up?
    You're lucky number keeps coming up, maybe you should enter the lottery! This question comes up a lot. What happens is this: Your name is in the pool with everyone else for drug testing. When your name is selected, you are tested. Your name remains in the pool for testing. Each time names are selected, you have the same chance for being selected for testing, regardless if you were tested last month, or never tested. The names are randomly selected by the contractor, no City of Mobile employee has any influence over who is selected.