Mobile Government


Evacuation Zones and Routes

Evacuation Zones

ZONE I-56,453
South of Interstate 10

ZONE II-128,481
North of Interstate 10
East of Interstate 65
East of US 43

ZONE III-160,859
North of Interstate 10
South of US 98
West of Interstate 65

ZONE IV-54,050
North of US 98
West of Interstate 65
West of US 43

When the time comes to leave, please know your evacuation zone. Zones to evacuate will be announced using local media. Evacuate immediately when asked to do so.

Evacuation Routes

Please listen carefully for the direction of the storm by the National Weather Service.

For example: If the storm is approaching from the East or South proceed to the west, the logical path of the storm would be northeastward. If you are on I-65 north you will be in the path of the storm. Information will be given in advance of approaching storms allowing proper evacuation of afflicted areas. Please listen carefully to all weather advisories.

Mobile County:

I-65 North, Highway 43 North, Highway 45 North.

Dauphin Island and Alabama Port:

take Highway 193 North to I-10 East to I-65 North.

Bayou La Batre and Grand Bay:

take Highway 188 or Mobile County Road 19 to I-10 East to I-65 North.

Mississippi or Florida residents evacuating into Alabama:

use I-65 North, Highway 43 North or Highway 45 North.

Please Note: In the event of a northbound evacuation all four lanes of I-65 will become a northbound Interstate system. All southbound traffic will be halted. Should high winds be advised, please conduct safely while driving on all raised roadways. High winds and damaging rains are a danger to automobiles on raised highways and bridges.