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Florida Street Drainage Project

October 07, 2009


The Florida Street project is still on schedule. Please note, on Oct. 14, the installation of the culvert underneath the railroad tracks will take place.

To prepare for the installation which is a major part of the project, city officials are taking the following action to safeguard the public due to an expected tight work area:

* The closing Dauphin Wood from Florida Street to Colvin Street as the detour route and routing the traffic from Florida Street to Harper Street and then to Colvin Street (a one block adjustment) temporarily and intermittently over the next few days;

It is anticipated that this (one block adjustment) route will need to go in effect Thursday, October 8 so that construction materials and equipment can be delivered and stockpiled for the culvert installation. This detour route will remain in effect until the railroad crossing culvert is tied into the previously constructed culvert south of the railroad tracks.

Again, please note these changes and alter your traveling route. It is our goal to keep you informed!


This is your progress report on the Florida Street Project. The project began on Tuesday, September 22nd due in part to the weather and the availability of a flag man. However, traffic controls have been put in place, preparing us for an estimated November 14th completion date-all subject to weather and unforeseen conditions.

Throughout the project, you will find crews doing utility relocation work, excavation preparatory work and the installation of pre-cast culverts. It is our desire to keep you informed on this project.


The final phase of the Florida Street Drainage Improvement project will begin Monday, September 21, 2009. This phase involves the closing of Florida Street at the railroad tracks, south of Dauphin Street. The work involves the installation of a culvert underneath the railroad tracks. During construction, which is estimated to take eight weeks, ALL businesses will be open and are accessible from main thoroughfares into the area. The closure is ONLY at the railroad crossing. Traffic can still flow freely from Dauphin Street and Airport Blvd.

A detour has been established on Dauphinwood Drive for access from Florida Street to Dauphin Street. Again, the construction is expected to last about 8 weeks and will be completed in time for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and the Christmas shopping season.For more information, call Mobile 311.

Click here to view the updated detour plan.