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City of Mobile takes the trash out of downtown

November 16, 2016

Mobile, Ala.- The City of Mobile has launched a dumpster program to improve the walkability of downtown and beautify the streetscape. Working alongside downtown business owners, the City is relocating all garbage carts off the streets and sidewalks of Downtown Mobile.

The most recent phase of this transition calls for the temporary placement of dumpsters in the parking lot at the corner of St. Francis and N. Jackson Streets, encouraging businesses along the block of N. Jackson, from Dauphin St. to St. Francis St. to use these dumpsters to keep their garbage carts off the sidewalks and street. These dumpsters will remain in place until the compacting dumpster, located in the parking lot off Joachim St., between Dauphin St. and St. Francis St., is operational in a few weeks.

After wrapping up Mardi Gras last year, the City launched the pilot program on Conti St. and S. Washington Ave. The test was so successful that the City was able to expand the program to ensure all garbage carts are no longer visible on sidewalks or streets, greatly improving the overall appearance and odor of downtown.

"We can't have a great city without a great downtown," said Mayor Stimpson. "Relocating the garbage carts from the high traffic areas of Downtown will make room for more people and entertainment. Visitors and citizens will be able to admire the beauty of our historic downtown without the garbage marring their experience."