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A Message from Mayor Stimpson - February 1

Feb 1st, 2021

Posted in: MayorCOVID-19

Good evening,


It is 7:30 p.m. on Monday, February 1, and I am writing to give you an update from the City of Mobile.


Today, the Mobile County Health Department reports 33,290 COVID-19 cases, an increase of 98 cases. To review the most recent detailed report, click here.


There are several first-dose, drive-thru vaccination events happening throughout Mobile County in the coming days. You can find more about those and other information about COVID-19 vaccines on the City of Mobile’s website. We have created this page dedicated to COVID-19 vaccine information and will be updating it regularly with new information about vaccine availability and upcoming clinics.


Today we provided an update on our public vaccination efforts at the Mobile Civic Center as part of our partnership with USA Health. With a few weeks of experience under our belts, we are on pace to soon be vaccinating 1,000 people each day as supplies of the Pfizer vaccine are made available.


When we first began this drive-thru location, we were processing 150 vehicles per day. Last week, the average was 500 and we were on pace to vaccinate 800 Mobilians today alone. It’s important that we can increase our capacity for vaccinations because, as the efficiency at the Civic Center site has increased, we’ve seen the Alabama Department of Public Health begin to distribute more vaccines to USA Health in order to increase the total number of people in our geographical area who are receiving the vaccine.


So far, more than 10,000 people have registered to be vaccinated through USA Health’s website. This queuing system is used to contact those who want the vaccine when the eligibility of certain groups is approved by the ADPH and when USA Health has enough vaccines on site. If you’d like to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the Civic Center, you can sign up online at 


In 2 Chronicles 10:8, King Rehoboam rejects the advice he’d gotten from his elders and instead consults the young men he’d grown up with — those that “stood before him.” In Leadership Promises for Every Day, author J. Maxwell uses this verse as a warning to “choose our inner circle wisely.” 


Listening to those closest to us does little good if their hearts are in the wrong place. Maxwell says we should draw closest to us those who have experience, objectivity, love for people, complementary gifts (diverse gifts), and loyalty. We should always avoid looking for advice that agrees with our own opinion.


At a time when it’s easier than ever to circle the wagons and avoid any kind of differing opinion, let us work to remember the value of multiple perspectives. I often seek the input of our team members because I know that even when we have different opinions, we share a common goal of making Mobile better.


Sleep tight,