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City of Mobile to begin relocating some squirrels from Bienville Square

Jan 3rd, 2022

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- January 3, 2021 - 
For Immediate Release:  
City of Mobile to begin relocating some squirrels from Bienville Square 
Mobile, Alabama — This week the City of Mobile is beginning the process of relocating some of the squirrels in Bienville Square to address overpopulation and protect the park’s historic Live Oaks. 

After Bienville Square sustained heavy damage during Hurricane Sally in 2020, the City of Mobile contracted Fairhope-based Wildlife Solutions, Inc. to perform a population assessment of the squirrels in the park. That assessment determined the average number of squirrels per acre in Bienville Square is significantly higher than typical squirrel populations in the wild and in other municipal parks. This overpopulation can potentially have negative impacts on trees in the park and the squirrels themselves.  
“We brought in a wildlife expert to make sure we were prioritizing the health and safety of the iconic oaks in Bienville Square and the squirrels Mobilians know and love,” Mayor Sandy Stimpson said. “By relocating some of the squirrels, we can keep the population at a level that is more sustainable for an area that size. This will ultimately make the squirrel population healthier and ensure our trees are protected.” 

Based on the recommendation in Wildlife Solutions’ population assessment, the City of Mobile is beginning an effort to humanely trap approximately 25 squirrels in Bienville Square and relocate them to a suitable habitat in a rural portion of Mobile County. Visitors will soon see small traps in certain areas of Bienville Square, which will stay in place for a short period as squirrels become accustomed to them.  

The trapping and relocation services will also be performed by Wildlife Solutions, Inc. under the supervision of the City of Mobile’s newly established Animal Services Department.