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Phase 2 of Twelve Mile Creek stabilization starting May 30

May 26th, 2023

Posted in: Press Release

On Tuesday, May 30, the City of Mobile will begin work on the second phase of the Three Mile Creek Watershed Restoration project.


This roughly 10-month project will stabilize the existing conditions in Twelve Mile Creek from East Drive to University Blvd. Once completed, it will help reduce sedimentation, prevent property loss from erosion, improve water quality and protect the area’s marine resources. This is a continuation of work currently underway in Twelve Mile Creek between Museum Drive and University Blvd.


The stabilization effort in Twelve Mile Creek will include excavation and sheet piling. These operations will generate some noise, but construction will be strictly limited to regular working hours. Nearby businesses and attractions will not be impacted, so please visit them as you usually would.


As the community’s stormwater infrastructure has grown over the past several decades, increased water flow in Twelve Mile Creek has contributed to the degradation of its banks and the destabilization of the creek itself. Over time, significant erosion has caused an increase in sedimentation in the creek and Langan Lake, both of which drain into the Three Mile Creek watershed.


The Three Mile Creek Watershed Restoration project is supported by the RESTORE Act and aims to improve the health of the entire watershed. You can find out more about the overall effort by clicking here. To receive updates about this project on your mobile phone, text MOBILE12MILE to 91896. You can also email questions about the project to