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Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management
P.O. Box 1827

Mobile,AL 36633

Main Contact 251-208-7151

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The City of Mobile is committed to improving stormwater quality through public education, cleanup events, and through our municipal operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the closest recycling center to me?

We have two recycling centers in the City: Pinehill Recycle Center (2460 Government Street, directly behind police headquarters) and the WAC Recycle Center (4851 Museum Drive, directly in front of Police 2nd Precinct).

Q: Where can I recycle electronics?

There are several options that can provide this service to citizens: Best Buy, Office Depot, and United Cerebral Palsy.  Please contact these businesses to see which option will be best for the material you want to recycle.

Q: Where can I get rid of my old TV?

Typically Best Buy is the recommended option, however, United Cerebral Palsy also takes flat screen TVs.

Q: Why did I get a letter from the City regarding a storm water violation (such as leaves being blown into the storm drain)?

These letters are typically Notices of Violations (NOVs) and serve as a written warning regarding an observed illicit discharge which is a violation of the storm water ordinance.  When a citizen contacts us, we will be happy to discuss the nature of the violation and how to best remedy the issue.

Q: When is the next hazardous event at the Fairgrounds?/When is the County having an event to get rid of unwanted household items?

Currently, this strictly depends on availability of grant money provided to Mobile County. 

Q: How/where can I get rid of mercury?

Call Complete Environmental and Remediation, in Theodore, 251-653-8755.

Q: Where can I take hazardous materials?

Call Complete Environmental and Remediation, in Theodore, 251-653-8755.  If the amount of hazardous materials is small in quantity, we will also guide the citizen to review the product label which will often have safe disposal methods listed. 

Q: Where can I recycle old paint?

If the paint can(s) is unopened a citizen can donate the paint can(s) to Goodwill or a local church.  If the paint can(s) is opened/partially used, the citizen can air dry the paint or add sand/kitty litter to the paint to turn substance from a liquid to a solid. Paint in a solid form is safe for solid waste disposal. They can also use the remaining paint on a stump or scrap wood. 

Q: What is the storm water fee on my property tax bill?

Please see the attached summary for information regarding Stormwater Fees.