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Mobile Councilman Successful In Bid to Rid City Documents of 'Race' Classification

Jul 10th, 2020

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Mobile, Ala – After several weeks of discussion and debate, the Mobile City Council passed an ordinance removing the classification of ‘race’ from city documents at the urging of Councilman Fred Richardson. Richardson, who sponsored the ordinance, sees the effort as key in making progress towards unifying citizens.


“Today is a new day in Mobile, Alabama and across our country. We are finally taking significant steps to address the barriers that have perpetuated the notion that we are different and should be classified as different,” said Councilman Richardson. “I’m hopeful this effort will catch fire and across the country we will rid our forms and ourselves of this harmful notion. We are but one race, and one people.” 


The ordinance requires the term ‘race’ be replaced on city documents with the word ‘ethnicity.’ It does not apply to documents where the collection is required by the state or federal government. 


“If we are to continue down this path to progress, we must unify our citizens under the banner of equality and justice for all, regardless of their ethnicity or economic status. This ordinance does just that,” said Richardson.