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Police Citizen Advisory Council Holds First Community Meeting

Jan 24th, 2017

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For the first time since its inception, members of the Police Citizens Community Relations Advisory Council met in the community last night to hear from local citizens. The Advisory Council was hosted by the Toulminville and Crichton Community Action Groups at the Faith City Cathedral in District 1.

“This meeting was historic and puts this group a huge step closer to reaching its mission,” said Councilman Fred Richardson, who represents the area. “Going into and hearing from the community is absolutely key to fostering trust.”

At the meeting, local community members had the opportunity to learn more about the group’s work and share ideas about how to foster a better relationship between law enforcement and communities as well as concerns.

Dr. Claude Warren, who serves as chair, outlined the group’s efforts so far including a meeting with Police Chief James Barber and U.S. Attorney Kenyen Brown and spending a day out at the police department’s training facility. He also said the group is hoping to soon begin receiving further information from the department including citizen complaints and concerns.

“Getting a better understanding of how the police department operates and the challenges they face has been incredibly helpful,” said Dr. Claude Warren. “Being out in the community and hearing from local citizens is another big piece to this puzzle. We appreciate these groups hosting us and look forward to further meetings throughout the City.”

Local citizens shared thoughts on how to create more trust between the community and police – especially in regard to youth.