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One-of-a-Kind Playground Coming to Medal of Honor Park

Sep 13th, 2016

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The City Council today took up a proposal by Councilmember Bess Rich that will provide for a major rehabilitation and renovation of the playground at Medal of Honor Park. The one-of-a-kind structure that celebrates different modes of transportation and the city of Mobile is the result of a partnership between the City and County.

“This playground has provided years of playtime for thousands of children from across the city,” said Councilmember Bess Rich. “Thanks to Commissioner Hudson and the County, this new one-of-a-kind structure will provide a fun and safe playtime for thousands more over many years to come.”

The project consists of a totally rebuilt “Playground Express” with a modern play structure, equipment and safety surfaces along with a fully renovated playground area complete with new fencing, garbage cans, benches, and drinking fountain. The theme of the playground will continue to be ‘transportation’ and the various structures will represent the various modes of transportation locally and the city itself. (You must check out the attached renderings!)

“I’m very pleased to collaborate with Councilwoman Rich and the City of Mobile in order to provide upgrades and new playground equipment at Medal of Honor Park,” said Commissioner Connie Hudson. “The improvements planned ensure that the Playground Express will continue to be a premier playground destination for citizens throughout the city and county.”

Early last month the County Commission approved $510,000 for the project allocated from the Commission District 2 Capital Improvement Program funds. The project is expected to be voted on by the Council at next week’s meeting. Once the work begins, the playground will be closed for six months to accommodate the construction.