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Feb 8th, 2023

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Assembly Room, Government Plaza 
205 Government Street 

1. Roll Call 
2. ApprovalofMinutesfromFebruary1,2023 

1. Approval of Mid-Month COAs Granted by Staff 


1. Applicant: Branch Communications 
a. Property Address: 853 Dauphin Street 
b. Date of Approval: 1//25/2023 
c. Project: Install temporary (30 days, renewable) ballast-mount cellular antenna on 
rooftop for additional capacity during Mardi Gras. 

2. Applicant: Downtown Mobile District Management Corporation 
a. Property Address: 226 Dauphin Street 
b. Date of Approval: 1/25/2023 
c. Project: 1. Repair in-kind damaged stucco and rotten wood along storefront. 
2. Replace in-kind the canvas awning. 
3. Repaint in the following colors. Body: SW6804/Dignity Blue; Pilasters: 
SW6225/Sleepy Blue; Cornice and Door Trim: SW6385/Dover White. Storefront, Window Sashes, and Canopy: SW9142/Moscow Midnight 

3. Applicant: ShaMyra Sylvester 
a. Property Address: 209 Dauphin Street, Unit A 
b. Date of Approval: 1/26/2023 
c. Project: After-the-fact approval for repainting of façade. Color: Black 

4. Applicant: Donna Flowers 
a. b. c. 
Property Address: 308 Michigan Avenue Date of Approval: 1/26/2023 
Project: Remove and replace existing non-original back door to enclosed porch area with a coated metal door of similar design; reinstall pet door. Door to be painted Sherwin Williams Spanish Toile Red. Sash/trim to be painted white. 

5. Applicant: Ronel Swanepoel 
a. Property Address: 1117 Montauk Avenue 
b. Date of Approval: 1/27/2023 
c. Project: Repaint exterior. Body: SW Agreeable Gray; Shutters: Connected Gray; Trim: white 

6. Applicant: M & T Construction 
a. Property Address: 754 Government Street 
b. Date of Approval: 1/31/2023 
c. Project: Replace existing fence with wood shadow box fencing, similar to existing fencing on neighboring property 

7. Applicant: Doug Ray 
a. b. c. 
Property Address: 308 St Louis Street, Unit 202 
Date of Approval: 2/01/2023 
Project: Replace two (2) sets of paired windows on the second floor of the Claiborne 

Street side of the building with aluminum clad windows with similar light pattern and in bronze finish, per submitted plans and specifications. 

8. Applicant: Demouy General Contracting Inc. 
a. Property Address: 157 Roberts Street 
b. Date of Approval: 02/02/2023 
c. Project: Construct a 28'-0" by 24'-0" garage with covered porch. 
1. The gable-roofed garage will have an open shed-roofed porch area on the 
south side measuring 12'-0" wide. 
2. The structure will sit to the rear of the lot (east end), behind the main 
3. The structure will be clad in fiber cement horizontal siding painted to 
match the main dwelling. The roofs will be clad in fiberglass shingles. 
4. The foundation will be slab-on-grade. 
5. Fenestration: The west façade will consist of a set of wood carriage doors 
measuring 9'-0" wide by 8'-0" high and a one-over-one clad sash window measuring 2'-0" wide by 3'-0”. The south wall of the enclosed portion will consist of a set of painted metal (white) double leaf doors, each measuring 3'-0" wide by 8'-0" high. 

9. Applicant: Robert Dueitt Construction LLC 
a. b. c. 
Property Address: 3 Blacklawn Date of Approval: 2/2/2023 
Project: Remove screen from front porch and replace in-kind to match original design and materials. 

10. Applicant: Mobile Bay Roofing LLC 
a. Property Address: 1202 New St Francis Street 
b. Date of Approval: 02/03/2023 
c. Project: Reroof in-kind with architectural shingles in Moire Black color. 

11. Applicant: Mobile Bay Roofing LLC 
a. b. c. 
Property Address: 313 George Street 
Date of Approval: 02/06/2023 
Project: Reroof in-kind with architectural shingles in Moire Black color. 

1. 2023-08-CA: 205 Marine Street 
a. Applicant: Roger Franklin 
b. Project: Replace windows in a non-historic residence 

2. 2023-09-CA: 307 Charles Street 
a. b. 

Applicant: Douglas Kearley on behalf of Kim & Susan Richardson 
Project: New construction: One-story single-family residence and carport 

1. The next ARB meeting is scheduled for March 1, 2023. 

Public comment regarding items on this agenda will be accepted via e-mail ( or USPS (Mobile Historic Development Commission, P.O. Box 1827, Mobile, AL 36633) until 5PM on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. Please include your name, home address, and the item number about which you are writing.