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City of Mobile, Qwally launch “Open Now” Small Business Guide

Mar 30th, 2022

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- March 30, 2022 - 

For Immediate Release: 

City of Mobile, Qwally launch “Open Now” Small Business Guide


Mobile, Ala. — As part of its continued partnership with Qwally Inc., the City of Mobile has launched a new small business guide called “Open Now” — an inclusive, easy-to-use website designed to help small businesses understand the construction and development process from start to finish.  

The processes for planning, zoning, development and permitting are all critical to protecting the quality of life for Mobilians, and the team at Build Mobile has worked to make navigating those processes as easy as possible for new businesses. “Open Now” will complement existing tools like the Customer Self Service (CSS) Dashboard and that offer convenient access to information about departments, regulatory boards, permitting and inspections, and easy remote payment options.  
“As part of our efforts to create a more business-friendly city, “Open Now” is another tool intended to assist entrepreneurs and create a more transparent process for those looking to do business in Mobile,” Mayor Stimpson said. “Open Now was thoughtfully designed with small businesses and first-time entrepreneurs in mind, but we want all new businesses to use these platforms.” 

Qwally worked extensively with Build Mobile and surveyed local businesses to make Open Now simple and easy to use. It offers a road map that guides users to take the right steps at the right time. While City staff is always available to assist, Open Now gives businesses the ability to navigate development at their own pace and be more prepared for key steps in the process. 

Inclusive entrepreneurship and small business growth are two key goals for Mayor Stimpson’s administration and launching Open Now as part of its continued partnership with Qwally helps meet both of them. A Colorado-based company, Qwally has previously worked with Mobile’s Office of Supplier Diversity to create the Work with the City website, which helps small businesses — particularly minority, veteran and women-owned small businesses — apply and compete for local public contracts. 

“As a startup looking to break into the government sector, the City of Mobile gave us a chance and helped craft a solution that benefits cities and small businesses,” Qwally Co-founder Matt Cody said. “This launch is a continuation of that great work, and we are very fortunate to have found such an amazing partner.” 

Since partnering with City of Mobile in 2019, Qwally’s work has benefited hundreds of local small businesses, and they’ve since expanded to serve other communities as well. Today, Qwally is providing meaningful tools to city and state governments around the country looking to build a more inclusive digital landscape through online small business, procurement, and supplier diversity programs.  

“Qwally’s platforms have had an impact on so many businesses in Mobile, and it’s been great to see the work that started in our community lead to such growth for the company,” Mayor Stimpson said. “They have a vision to help build more equitable local economies and the skills to develop the tools needed to reach that goal in any community. I am very proud of the work we’ve done with their team.”