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What's Happening at Springhill Dance

Apr 28th, 2004

May 1st from 10:00 - 5:00 Mobile's Capezio Dance Wear representative is going to have their latest engineered shoes and micro fiber dance wear to introduce to instructors and dancers.  Also we will be having a recital month special  just for that one day selected Capezio tights are only $4.25.

June 5th Jim Keith will be teaching three Master Jazz Classes at Spring Hill Dance.  Jim Keith is from Los Angeles with movie videos, and pop stars choreography and performances as part of his repertoire.  Cost for the classes are $50.00 for less than 10 dancers per class and only $35.00 for 11 or more dancers in the classes.  Register now through June 4th at Spring Hill Dance or

July 31st and August 1st Pierre Lockett will be teaching 6 Master Ballet classes.  Pierre is from Mobile and dances with the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago.  He also played parts in two movies: "Save the Last Dance" and "The Company."  He has been a cameo performer with Mobile Ballet.  Cost for the classes with Pierre are $50.00 for each class of  5 to 10 dancers and $35.00 for classes of 11 or more.  Register now as there are already people signing up for classes at Spring Hill Dance or  344-7454.