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Nuisance Abatement

These dilapidated structures may be torn down by the City. If you are an owner or know anything about the property, please contact us at once.

**Note: The City does not own the properties in this listing and does not assist in the selling of properties on this listing**

1159 Ghent Street Nuisance Property

1159 Ghent Street

 COMG E/L GHENT ST 86 FT N OF SLIGO ST TH N-LY 53 FT TH ELY 140 FT TH SLY 53 FT TH W-LY 140 FT TO BEG SQR 13 TOULMIN TRT DBK 112 P 175 PT LOTS 10 11 12 13 BLK 13 TOULMIN TRT DBK 112 P 175 #SEC 28 T4S R1W #MP29 10 28 4 003 

If you have any information on this property, please click here .