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Event Services

Mobilians are born to celebrate! That's why the City of Mobile provides services to guide citizens through the event planning and application process. Whether it’s a Mardi Gras parade, an outdoor concert, or a family get together, we're here to help you host a successful event.

Are you interested in hosting an event in the City of Mobile? Determine your next step below.



Complete an event services application for a temporary gathering or organized activity with 100 or more people that impact, require or involve any of the following elements:

  • City property
  • City resources
  • Temporary structures
  • Sound amplification equipment
  • Commercial enterprise
  • Fundraising
  • Animals, other than family pets
Event Planning & Application Tool

Parades, bike races, marathons, fireworks displays, outdoor concerts, carnivals and festivals, fundraisers, cultural and religious celebrations, and company fun days are examples of events that require an event services application.

Mobile Latin FestMardi Gras ParadeOutdoor Concert

Birthday parties, baby showers, family gatherings and small sporting events are examples of events that require renting a City park.

Football GamePicnic AreaPlayground


Complete a park rental application for a small event with less than 100 people including staff, volunteers, and participants that will not involve the inclusion of the following elements:

  • Commercial enterprise
  • Fundraising
  • Animals, other than family pets
Park Rental Application


What if I'm unsure whether my event requires an event services application?

Fill out the Event Services Planning and Application Tool. If your event does not require this application, the application will direct you to the appropriate resources.

When should I begin using the Event Services Planning and Application Tool?

Event services applications should be submitted no later than 120 days before your event’s planned date. Applications submitted with less than 120 days days of notice will be considered at the City of Mobile's discretion. Learn more about the application process through the Event Services Guide below:


Or click here to download

Where can I find blank park maps?

You can view and download blank maps of all City parks here.

Who can I contact with questions?

If you need additional help, you are welcome to contact Event Services by calling 251-208-1552 or emailing