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Revenue Department

Important notice to anyone renting or leasing residential property in the City of Mobile

Effective July 1, 2021, the Mobile Code of Ordinances will require anyone renting or leasing less than 10 real properties in the City of Mobile to obtain a business license for each of those locations. Since October 6, 1987, the City of Mobile's Code has required owners of 10 or more residential rental properties to obtain a business license. That ordinance is still in effect. Any property owners who have questions or need additional information are encouraged to contact the City of Mobile Revenue Department at 251- 208-7462. Use Option 3 to speak with someone about residential rental property. 


The Revenue Department administers the Privilege License Tax Ordinances of the City of Mobile, which Involves collection of monthly Sales & Use Taxes and licensing businesses/professions doing business within the Mobile License Tax Jurisdiction.

Contact Directory

Revenue Director
Donna Bryars
(251) 208-7462

Revenue Manager
Cyndi Sims
(251) 208-7794

Revenue Manager
Kenneth Mosley
(251) 208-7062

Territory Managers

Council District 1    
Marcie Bell
(251) 208-7869

Council District 2
Joan Brutkiewicz
(251) 208-7868

Council District 3
Gayle Dixon
(251) 208-7224

Council District 4
Linda Watson
(251) 208-7541

Council District 5
Toni Herman
(251) 208-7237

Council District 6
Nikki McGlasker
(251) 208-5824

Council District 7
Tonya Bassett
(251) 208-7250

Out of Area (A-L) T01
Janice Carr
(251) 208-7836

Out of Area (M-Z) T02
Shawn Skinner
(251) 208-7865



In This Section

Revenue Department
205 Gov't St., S. Tower Rm. 243
PO Box 3065
Mobile, AL 36652-3065
Office: 251-208-7462
Fax: 251-208-7954

Revenue Office Government Plaza (2nd Floor) Window Hours:

8:00 to 3:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays and 8:00 to 1:00 Wednesdays.