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Keep Mardi Gras Litter-Free

Post-Parade Clean Up

After the last firetruck of each parade rolls through, please immediately clear the area and do not cross the barricades - the street cleaners are on the way. Following the end of each parade is a team of people clearing the streets of trash, picking up recycling, and driving street sweepers, to get the City back to beautiful. Following them, is a team breaking down and moving the barricades out of the way.



Mardi Gras is the best celebration around, but it can create a huge mess. It is our responsibility as a community to celebrate without impacting our creeks, rivers, and bays. So once again, this Mardi Gras we encourage you to party on, and pick it up!

Please use the purple Mardi Gras garbage carts located along the entire parade route. There are also blue recycling bins around the parks for empty cans and bottles (aluminum, plastic and glass). Recycle what you are able and know those unwanted beads, glow necklaces, broken cups, etc. all belong in the trash can, not down the storm drain. 


Litter from Riders

If you’re riding in a parade, remember that your boxes and bags should be emptied and unloaded properly at the beginning of the parade or stay on the float until you arrive at the end. Help make our Mardi Gras Litter-Free – throw beads, not trash!

Tips for keeping Mardi Gras litter-free

Earn your throws
Take them home or give them to a nearby child to make their night even more magical!

Pick up what's left behind.
Throw litter in nearby garbage cans and recycle when possible. Encourage your friends to do the same!

Provide garbage or recycling carts.
Own a home or business along the parade route? Consider placing garbage or recycling bins outside to encourage others to dispose of waste properly.