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Public Records Request

Alabama Open Records Law, §36-12-40, Code of Alabama 1975, provides that citizens have a right to inspect and take a copy of public writings or records.  Public records requests are processed by the City of Mobile public records request coordinator.  The coordinator will process requests from citizens, without internet access, by supplying a standard paper request form.  Citizens with internet access may choose to use the city public records request portal, JustFOIA, where citizens fill out the records request form online, and receive a request number, which allows the requester to track the status of their request in real time.

Contact the City of Mobile Public Records Request Coordinator at 251-208-6298, or the City of Mobile’s JustFOIA public records request portal.

Citizens without internet access may request to receive a public records request form by mail by contacting Community Affairs at: 251-208-6298