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Main Contact 251-208-7434

Fax 251-208-7430

Don Rose, Senior Director & Chief Procurement Officer

John Paine, Purchasing Agent

The City Purchasing Agent, under legislative authority, is the designated procurement official for the City and is responsible to purchase, store and distribute supplies, materials and equipment required by any office, department or agency. 

The Department:

  • maintains purchasing facilities and procedures as may be necessary to carry out the intent and purpose of The Alabama Competitive Bid Law relative to all expenditures of funds of whatever nature for labor, services, or work, or for the purchase or lease of materials, equipment, supplies or other personal property 
  • establishes and enforces specifications 
  • inspects or supervises the inspection of all deliveries and to determine their quality, quantity, and conformance with specifications 
  • operates authorized general storerooms and warehouses 
  • transfers to or between offices, departments or agencies, or sells surplus, obsolete, or unused supplies, material and equipment 
  • performs such other duties as may be imposed by resolution or ordinance, all subject to Alabama statutes. 

Q: How do I get on the Bid List?

Vendors can place themselves on the Bid List by registering with the City of Mobile through the Vendor Self Service portal located at the following:

Through this portal, Vendors will be able to maintain their profile, contacts, methods of notification and product categories for which they can classify to receive solicitations.

Vendors through this portal shall select those 5-digit product category codes to which they want to receive bids and solicitations. The City of Mobile uses these 5-digit product category codes as a teaser fine in order to find vendors registered in the City's vendor system. Vendors may select as many of as few product categories as they wish for their company. Vendors should be careful as to their selection as vendors should only select those product category to which they will be responding. Under Alabama Bid Law, a vendor who fails to respond to 3 consecutive bid requests may be removed from the Bid and Vendor list.

The City recommends that vendors select those product category codes to which they will actively respond. If a vendor fails to select a product commodity code of a category they handle, they will not receive a quotation on that product category.

Please carefully select the contacts through which you will receive notifications from the City that will not be changing as personnel change. You will also need to be sure to maintain your profile as your company changes.

The following are not required before being placed on the Bid List nor are they required to submit a bid, but the following forms will be required prior to the City of mobile issuing a purchase order to a vendor: Domestic (In Alabama) Corporations are to provide their Domestic Business Corporation Certificate of Formation or Entity Number (this is a six digit number); or Foreign (Out of State of Alabama) Corporations to provide their Certificate of Authority or Entity Number (this is a six digit number), also an affidavit that they (Business) comply with the current Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act in hiring of immigrants.

These are not required to be placed on the Bid List or to bid, BUT, will be required prior to the award of a bid or the issuance of a purchase order to a vendor.

Additionally a City of Mobile Business License may be required prior to issuance of a purchase order.

Q: Is a bid bond required?

The State of Alabama bid law states that if the bid amount is $10,000.00 or more, a bid bond may be required. If a Bid Bond is required, the bid should be accompanied by a cashiers check, certified check, bank draft or bid bond for the sum of 5% of the amount of the bid, made payable to the City of Mobile and certified by a reputable banking institution. All checks will be returned promptly, except the check of the successful bidder, which shall be returned after fulfilling the bid.

Q: Do I have to have a business license prior to submitting a bid?

No. You do not have to have a license to get on the bid list, or to bid; however, you will need to complete the business license process before a purchase order can be written. Contact the Revenue Department at 334-208-7461 for more complete information on licensing.

Q: Where do I send a bid package?

City of Mobile Purchasing

205 Government St

4th Flr Room 408S

Mobile AL 36644

Be sure that the Bid # is clearly printed on the outside of the envelope or package.