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Municipal Court Magistrates

Magistrates are judicial officers created by the Alabama Constitution under Section 6.01 (b) of Amendment No. 328, which provides magistrates with the express authority to issue arrest warrants. 

For a complaint (a written and sworn to document alleging that a person has committed a crime against another person or entity) shall require the following at the time the complaint is filed:

  1. The complainant must appear in person before the magistrate 
  2. The magistrate must examine the complainant and any witness under oath
  3. The magistrate must take their depositions in writing
  4. Probable Cause must be determined in order for an arrest warrant to be issued
  5. The law violated must be specified and the affidavit portion of the complaint must be properly worded 
  6. If the Complaint is in response to a Theft of Property or Damage to property, the restitution amount sought is mandatory 

The Policy of Mobile Municipal Court, a case will not proceed beyond arraignment until a complaint is sworn to by the complaining party.

The location and hours of operation are as listed:

Mobile Metro Jail
     450 St Emanuel St, Mobile 36603 
     24 hours/day Monday-Saturday    
     Phone:  208-1286  or  208-1287

WAC (Western Administrative Complex) -
     4851 Museum Drive, Mobile  36608
     Monday, 4:30 AM- 2:00 PM, 
     Tuesday-Friday, 6:00 AM- 2:00 PM    
     Phone: 208-1282 or 208-1285

Second Precinct
     5441 US-90 #25, Mobile  36619
     Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30 PM    
     Phone: 208-1283