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McGregor FAQ's

Q: Will I still receive City services like trash, garbage, and emergency services during this time?

Yes, during this time you will still receive City services like trash, garbage, and emergency services.

Q: Will I still receive my mail and packages?

Yes, we have addressed the closure with the postal service and package delivery companies. Delivery services should remain uninterrupted.

Q: Will my lawn service be able to access my house?

Yes, please make sure they are aware of the alternate routes. We encourage you to share the alternate route map for your specific area with them, so they know how to get to and from your home.

Q: Will any trees get cut down?

Some trees that have been identified by the project may need to be cut down during the construction. The project’s goal is to retain as many trees as possible.

Q: How long has this project been in the works?

The City has been planning this project for at least 15 years. We’re excited to finally have the funding in place to begin this project and see it through to completion.

Q: Will there be a lapse in utilities, like water, power, or internet?

Generally, no. There may be instances where there is a brief lapse in utility service while the contractor reconnects lines. If you have any utility issues, please report them to us.

Q: How long will the project last?

The project is anticipated to last 24 months. Weather and other unavoidable unknowns may take the project beyond 24 months.  

Q: If I live on S. McGregor, will I still have access to my driveway?

Yes. If you cannot access your driveway, please email us at

Q: How much will this project cost?

This project is anticipated to cost $23 million, which includes $16 million for construction. Around 80 percent of the project is being paid for with federal dollars, with the remaining costs being paid by state and local allocations.

Q: What does the project entail?

The project will include a complete roadway and underground infrastructure rebuild (water, sewer, storm drain and other utilities). It will also include drainage, signal, and lighting upgrades. The work includes slightly widening the road, adding a roundabout, a middle turning lane, a sidewalk on one side, and a multi-use path on the other.

Q: When will the roundabout begin construction?

The roundabout will begin construction in the third and final phase of the project. We do not have an official start date for the roundabout currently.

Q: Can I walk around and look at the construction site?

NO. This is an active construction site. Please refrain from entering or disturbing the construction site. For those that are interested in a site tour throughout the duration of the project, please email us at

Q: Can I drive down S. McGregor during this time?

No. S. McGregor will remain closed to through traffic throughout the project. Only residents fronting S. McGregor, emergency services and other service providers will be able to access S. McGregor Ave.

Q: Will the businesses still be open?

Yes. The businesses on Airport Blvd. will remain open during this time. We encourage residents and visitors to continue supporting the businesses throughout the project.

Q: Can I cut through the neighborhoods?

The City of Mobile and Mobile Police Department are discouraging traffic from cutting through any of the neighborhoods. We strongly encourage motorists to use one of the identified alternate routes.

Q: What are the alternate routes?

The alternate routes are: Airport Blvd, University Blvd, Old Shell Rd, I-65, and the I-65 Service Road(s).

Q: Will there be signage throughout the project area?

Yes. We have various signs placed throughout the project area. You can view our signage plan here

Q: Why is there a stake in my yard?

Color-coded stakes are placed to mark off a variety of things, such as property lines, utility lines, etc. Below is a description of what each color means. If you have any questions about a specific stake in your yard, please email us at

White Proposed excavation
Pink Temporary survey markings
Red Electric power lines, cables, conduit, and lighting cables
Yellow Gas, oil, steam, petroleum, or gaseous materials
Orange      Communication, alarm or signal lines, cables or conduit
Blue Potable (drinking) water line
Purple Reclaimed water, irrigation, or slurry lines
Green Sewers and drains