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The HoPE Program


The HoPE (Homeownership Provides Equity) Program aims to create affordable infill housing and promote homeownership for financially disadvantaged individuals in Mobile County.

The program offers qualified housing choice voucher holders the opportunity to build and own a new home through a low-interest loan. Once construction is complete, the house is transferred to the voucher holder, who can use their voucher to subsidize mortgage payments on the home over a set term. The loan is backed by the City of Mobile, which provides interest rates well below the market average, making mortgage payments affordable.

The HoPE Program will allow voucher holders to own their home outright in 15 to 30 years and have an asset that can be passed down to the next generation or sold to help finance their next home. The City of Mobile plans to build 50 to 75 affordable single-family homes through the program by the end of 2027.  The HoPE Program is supported by federal funds that incentivize the construction of new homes.

We believe the HoPE Program will not only impact the families it serves but also contribute to building stronger communities. Homeownership encourages investment in properties and neighborhoods, and we are excited to support this initiative in hopes of improving neighborhood stability and resident satisfaction.

The flowchart below outlines the process for the HoPE Program. If you have questions, you can contact the City of Mobile’s Neighborhood Development Department at (251) 208-6294. If you are a voucher holder interested in the program, please contact the housing manager at the agency you receive your voucher from.