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McGregor Avenue Project

About the South McGregor Avenue Project

On May 1, 2023, the City of Mobile began working with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) on a major construction on S. McGregor Ave. between Dauphin St. and Airport Blvd. Traffic will be limited to residents, emergency vehicles and service vehicles while the project is under construction. All other traffic will use one of the alternate routes identified below. 

The S. McGregor Project has been in the works for more than 15 years.

The construction cost of the project is $16.5 million, with total costs of around $23 million.

Community Meetings

As key components of the project move forward, we will communicate directly with citizens in the area and the public at large. The City of Mobile and City Council members have already met with multiple groups and local HOA Leadership to discuss the project. Our staff members have also canvassed the area in person to inform residents about the project. 

During Construction

The City of Mobile is working to minimize cut-through traffic through the main neighborhoods affected by this project: Llanfair, Yester Oaks, and Country Club Estates. The City will be announcing and promoting suggested alternative routes for residents. Airport Boulevard, Spring Hill Avenue, Old Shell Road, Bit & Spur Road, University Boulevard, Interstate 65 and the I-65 Service Roads will remain open throughout the project. 

Motorists will not be able to turn left onto McGregor Ave. from Dauphin Street, but the intersection of McGregor Ave. and Dauphin Street will remain open during much of the project. We will notify residents and the public ahead of any closures of the intersection. 

Time and Start Date 

The S. McGregor Project broke ground on May 1, 2023, and is expected to take approximately two years. As work continues, McGregor Ave. will remain closed from Dauphin Street to Airport Blvd. 

Project Updates

05.01.2023: Road Closure (McGregor: North of Wimbledon Park to Dauphin Street)
05.26.2024: Contractor completed primary clearing and grubbing operations
07.28.2023: APCO completed installation of new poles and power lines
09.01.2023: Spire completed installation of new gas lines
09.22.2023: Spire completed removal of existing 20" gas line
10.25.2023: APCO completed relocation of aerial communication lines
11.01.2023: Uniti completed relocation of lines to new APCO poles
12.01.2023: AT&T completed installation of new duct bank on east side of McGregor and on south side of Dauphin
12.06.2023: Comcast completed relocation of lines to new APCO poles
01.08.2024: Contractor initiated water line installation on east side south of Eslava Creek
01.12.2024: AT&T completed cut over of fiber communication lines
01.31.2024: AT&T completed relocation of aerial lines to new APCO poles
02.14.2024: AT&T completed installation of underground copper communication lines in new conduit 03.09.2024: Contractor completed deep (16') open cut for sanitary sewer from Pinebrook to Eslava Creek 04.04.2024: Contractor completed grading, drainage, and roadway base construction at Berwyn
04.15.2024: AT&T completed cut over of copper communication lines to activate all new lines
04.22.2024: Contractor completed installation of temporary water line over Eslava Creek
04.30.2024: AT&T completed removal of old copper cable
05.01.2024: Contractor initiated demolition and removal of existing bridge at Eslava Creek Upcoming: 05.13.2024: McGregor at Airport to be closed one week for installation of drainage, water line, and communication conduit
05.20.2024: Contractor to initiate bridge culvert construction
05.20.2024: Contractor to initiate widening of McGregor on east side from Airport Blvd. to Berwyn. Widening on west side from Airport Blvd. to Berwyn to follow.
06.30.2024: AT&T to complete removal of old lines and conduit Road construction will advance from the south at Airport Blvd to the north at Dauphin St including roundabout construction

Community Outreach

Stay connected with information regarding the North McGregor Avenue project. Send an email to To receive project notifications, text MOBILEMCGREGOR to 91896.

Pedestrian Safety

As work continues on the South McGregor Avenue project, we would like to remind those in the area that roads closed to through traffic are also closed to bicycles and pedestrians. If you do not live in the immediate area, we ask that you please find alternate routes for walking and biking activities. If you live along McGregor Ave., we ask that you please be careful when workers and heavy machinery are present. Our goal is to keep everyone in our construction zones safe, and your cooperation helps.