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Neighborhood Renewal Program

Within the City of Mobile, there are hundreds of parcels of vacant and improved properties that have become unsafe or constitute a public nuisance. Much of this property is vacant or in such a state of disrepair as to constitute a blight on the surrounding neighborhood and a threat to public health, safety and welfare. Many of these properties are tax-delinquent and have been abandoned by the owner of record because the amount due in back taxes exceeds the value of the property.

This economic reality is compounded by title problems. Typically, such properties do not have clear ownership, in addition to the cloud on the title caused by the outstanding tax lien. Given the physical condition of the properties, the title problems, and the outstanding liens, it is often economically impossible for a private citizen or entity to purchase and rehabilitate the property. Thus, the blighted properties impede economic and residential development and revitalization of distressed neighborhoods.

The City of Mobile was successful in passing legislation, Ala. Code § 11-70-1, which may address the title problems encountered with redeveloping tax-delinquent and abandoned properties. Employing Ala. Code § 11-70-1, the NRP will file an Expedited Quiet Title and Foreclosure Action (hereafter "Quiet Title Action") against abandoned, tax delinquent properties. A successful Quiet Title Action will result in the City's ability to convey marketable title, free and clear of any outstanding liens, to a new owner who will redevelop the properties

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Property Interest (PDF)

Identifying Eligible Properties 

New NRP Property Listing (PDF)

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Marcus Dixon, Land Bank Manager

Carla Davis, Community Development Planner

P.O. Box 1827
Mobile, Alabama, 36602
Office: (251) 208-6294

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